Science fiction

Mahak Katyal and Shradha Patnaik

Especially for the primary classes this article demonstrates well how you can use a story to teach the concept of photosynthesis.

The Wizard of Oz … in my mathematics class?

Pooja Keshavan Singh

What an odd combination that is right? The Wizard of Oz and the mathematics class? What are stories doing in a mathematics class? Won’t they distract children from serious learning? The answer is no, they won’t. Stories in fact can drive the fear of mathematics away from their minds. Read to find out what The Wizard of Oz was doing in the mathematics class.

Teaching sex education through stories

Ameen Haque

Despite all round acknowledgement of its importance, teaching about sex in schools continues to be a problem. Either sex education is brushed aside because no one wants to take it up or it is delivered like a sermon to the students. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Sex education can be truly interactive and educative when stories are used to explore the topic.

The joy of graphic organizers

Avantika Thakur

You have all probably used mind maps in your classrooms. A similar story map charting out the plot, characters, problem, and solution will help both the teacher and the students understand a story and its lesson better.

Kahani in the classroom

Bhuvanesware BG

Unsure of why and how stories can be used in your classroom? Read to find the answer to this question.

Art and words

Sapna Chheda

There are many different ways of how you can make storytelling interesting. Whatever be the purpose behind your telling a story add in a bit of craft and see the effect.


Rachel Katz

Storigami– a mix of origami and story. Try telling this story and at the same time following the instructions on how to fold your paper and you will have your storigami ready!