As things heat up

With elections round the corner, the time is ripe for teachers to bring into classrooms, discussions and debates about democracy, issues of integrity , responsibility and representation. Elections always bring in the promise of change, and this desire for change can be harnessed to inculcate in students an awareness about their roles as future citizens.

The caterpillar’s dream!

Sushree Mishra
Here is a wonderful lesson plan on how students can actually grow a butterfly in the classroom. With the help of this experiment children can actually follow the life cycle of a butterfly from the larvae to the final stage. Teachers are encouraged to try this out.

What are truly secular schools?

Aditi Dhammachakra
What are truly secular schools? Can religious practices such as prayers that are conducted in schools be allowed to continue? In such a scenario, how can we bring about educational reform? How can we create more inclusive schools, since most of the times, the sources of exclusion are religion, caste and gender? This article puts forth some arguments on this sensitive subject.

Educating the educated

Kiran Gandhi
Is there a risk of over indulgence in sports at the cost academics? The author seems to think so and emphasises that it is very essential for teachers to find the middle ground.

Re-crafting education

Steven Rudolph
This is one article that needs to be read for the cause it espouses — to appreciate craft, especially items made from indigenous and naturally available materials. By inculcating in children a love for craft, teachers will be sharing learnings on sustainability, aesthetics and values. For this, a greater inclusion of craft in the school’s environment and curriculum is the need of the hour.

Electing a government

Rohini Oomman
When the world’s largest democracy hold elections, it is time for change, excitement and a new leadership at the helm. How does the electorate in India vote its leaders? What is the system that our country follows? Does every citizen have a right to vote? How many constituencies are there in such a vast country? This article explains everything in a simple manner. Read up this to prepare yourself for the forthcoming elections.

Wild city

Nina Subramani
Is it possible to marvel at the natural world from the confines of your home? The cities we live in are as much part of the natural world as we allow them to be. One need not travel far. As long as there is sunshine, trees, plants and soil, there is bound to be life. From snails and bats to cuckoos and mynahs, they are all there. We just need to open our eyes and observe the natural world.

Bringing ‘Robotix’ into the classroom!

Divya Choudary
From text books to technology, the education system is changing fast. We now have students building their own robots and programming them in such a way that all the work is done by the human machine. Check out this article to get a glimpse of what is happening in the student world.

Busting biases

Chintan Girish Modi

Each and every one of us has our own biases about people. We tend to label them, judge them and call them names. Is it possible to change our outlook and try and rid ourselves of biases? An interesting and engaging classroom activity on the theme of ‘bias’ throws up some discussions that are quite phenomenal.

A class apart

strong>Ramya Ramalingam
A class becomes what it is not just due to the pupils or the teacher but the way lessons are taught. A student’s take on why she finds her music class and her music teacher the best among all.