Operation late latif

Anju Anand

Every now and then, to shake students up from their stupor, a teacher has to think of ingenious ways to teach them. Anju from Vidyaranya High School writes about how she taught certain math concepts in an innovative manner


Naina Joseph

This is the story of how a teacher helped her class settle in with two of their “special” classmates. A truly wonderful story.

Teaching art to children

Lekha Narayanan

As a creative art teacher, Lekha has a good chance to gauge the personalities of her students through their drawings.

Lessons from my teacher

Vijayalakshmi Nandakumar

Vijayalakshmi looks back at the teacher she most cherishes and recalls the lessons she learnt from her.

Playing the role, for real

Mini Alex

For someone who never dreamt of becoming a teacher, Mini writes about how her school has helpled her essay the role of a teacher with ease.