My journey (and detours) through chemistry

When it comes to making a choice regarding the subjects one is interested in, it usually is a daunting task. Should one opt for the sciences or engineering? This question often crops up when it is decision time. A senior professor and vice-chancellor narrates his journey through the world of chemistry.

Subject of choice

Whether it is your intuition, your sense of smell, or mastering the colours, chemistry has a way of sharpening all your senses at one go. The author shares in this article her love for chemistry — from the coloured solutions in reagent bottles in a school laboratory to the current research in nano science —- the mystery continues to unfold.

Filling life with colour and taste

For a change, we feature a poem that tells us that chemistry is all over the place — from the ingredients in the kitchen to the perfumes, soaps and shampoos that we use everyday, there really is no space where chemistry does not find a place.

Ice cream: the inside story

A former student pays a small tribute to her chemistry teacher for inculcating in her a passion for the subject which ultimately helped her in making wise choices in her educational journey.