Powering our world

As is known, the most convenient form of storing electrical energy is the battery. A battery is a common term for an electrochemical cell. This very basic article gives an idea of how batteries power our world.

Language reaction

Is it possible to find similarities between English and chemistry? On reading this article, you will get an idea as to how the two subjects have some things in common.

Faraday’s Classic: Heady stuff!

Part of a series of lectures for school children, this book by Michael Faraday showcases his brilliance as a communicator and as an experimentalist. Try to get a copy of this fascinating book.

What is chemistry?

A subject that is fun and exciting,chemistry combines colour, sound and smells. It is the study of reactions, of the relationship between structure and properties. Knowing the properties, you can infer the structure and knowing the structure, you can infer the properties. This is what teachers must try and convey to students.