Stop the littering!

Geetha Durairajan
Why is there a lack of responsibility on the part of people when it comes to public spaces? Why cannot people understand that our roads, parks, streets all belong to us and we need to keep them clean just as we do our homes. A wake-up call by the writer to become responsible citizens.

How to begin a class?

The firs few minutes in a classroom usually sets the pace for the teacher to start the class. These few minutes are crucial in establishing a routine and will enhance the students’ ability to take in lessons and understand their goals.

Re-orienting Geography teaching

Simran Luthra
Why is it that Geography generates less interest than most other subjects? Is it because the subject is too dry? Or can teachers of Geography reorient their teaching to make the subject more fascinating? Read this article to understand how you can become a more expressive teacher of geography.

Mars rules

S Upendran
March is normally associated with the beginning of spring, and with the harsh winter behind, the change in season also calls for action. What or who else is March associated with? Read on.

Magician in the class

Damayanti Mukherjee
An interesting tale of how a teacher waves the magic wand and wins over her students in the beginning of her career.

Let’s keep the alternatives

Sangeeta Menon
A school is more than just a space for learning and teaching is more than just delivering a prescribed syllabus. Education is all about nurturing the child’s sense of self which several alternative schools are doing in their small and imaginative ways. Will the Right to Education Act take away their right to exist because they do not fulfill the norms laid down within its framework? Will these alternative schools be forced to shut down by the end of this month if they do not comply with the provisions of the RTE Act? Some of the concerns raised by these schools are genuine and need to be heard if there truly has to be reform in education. These individuals and groups wanting to bring in fresh perspectives into education must be given their space.

Doing things differently – for a reason

Jane Sahi From last month our school (Sita School) has become strictly illegal and technically we are liable for prosecution. Looking back at Education and Language Policies, for example, from the time of Macaulay’s infamous Minute of 1835 there is Read More …

Some concerns from an alternative school

Indira Vijaysimha There is probably a popular misconception that alternative schools are all alike and that while they differ from mainstream schools they are similar in themselves. It is closer to the truth to think of alternative schools as a Read More …

Parents must have a choice

Gurveen Kaur The Centre for Learning (CFL) has been running in Hyderabad for the last 30 years. It has a mixed group of students. Some parents enroll their children at CFL because they believe in the school’s philosophy but others Read More …

Innovation is important

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur We are an alternative school. This means we provide an alternative system of learning to the mainstream education system being followed countrywide. We want to wholeheartedly support the objective of RTE (which is to offer Read More …