The big picture and the little details

Learning spaces need to be accessible to all children, so that they get the opportunity to grow into happy, productive adults. But since children have different expectations and needs, a standardised curriculum may not fit the bill. So, while the RTE Act is an important policy that promises to make schooling accessible to all children, alternative spaces where learning happens must also be allowed to coexist.

Word play and language learning

Sameera Sood
Communication is an essential work and life skill. Children need to be taught to use language spontaneously and not in a laboured fashion. Here are some interesting language games for children that teachers can make use of.

Tools of the (kitchen) trade!

Vandana Aggarwal
Eating tools are a part of our daily life and can be seen all around us. These everyday materials can be used as a study module in a very interesting manner by connecting it to different subjects. The aim is to augment traditional learning by exploring a subject in an interdisciplinary manner.

The five-minute miracle for teachers

Manaswini Sridhar
We all know that parents and students are constantly under presssure, students especially. But does anyone think about teachers who are also equally stressed out having to tackle students, prepare for lectures and take care of the home segment too. How can teachers de-stress themselves? What can do they do to keep themselves motivated and happy?

Pilgrims of the sky

Geetha Iyer
Birds find a unique place among Nature’s creations partly because they connect so easily to people. They find a place not just in environment sciences, but in several other subjects that we study, from biology, chemistry, maths to art, music and languages. This article takes you into the world of birds and gives you tips on how you can become an expert in bird watching .

Why Social Sciences are important

Simantini Dhuru
The importance of social sciences cannot be underestimated. Social sciences provide a framework to look at content emerging from other subjects, how that content is used in society and for whose benefit. This article talks about how social sciences must be given priority and not relegated to the backround.

The bangs and the colours

Yasmin Jayathirtha
Chemistry is all about bangs and colours. Here the author deals with different types of reactions in chemistry.

The new game of life

Steven Rudolph
Read this interesting article on how a board game based on the Indian concept of ‘Purusharth’ can teach children to play the game of life.

Let’s lose those learning myths

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
Free learning as a concept can make a huge difference in the child’s ability to think, imagine, make decisions and develop confidence. In free learning, there are no expectations, no comparisons and no right or wrong. By encouraging this, teachers can give children the gift of exploration, experimentation and enjoyment.

Tales in a red van

Jennifer Thomas

Goa’s Bookworm is a small company that started out as a lending library but has now grown to include several literacy initiatives in its bouquet of programmes, one such being the Mobile Outreach Programme. This intervention is all about taking books and book reading and story telling to disadvantaged children in several diverse pockets of Goa.