Making practice work

Divya Choudary ‘Riyaaz’ or practice leads to perfection. There’s obviously some truth to this idea. When you do something often you do get better at it. Sports coaches and music teachers tend to agree. Farooq, a physical education coach, found Read More …

As the year turns

As the New Year dawns, it seems as if everything is in a blur, with time rushing by and anxiety levels of teachers and students rising . There is a mad rush to complete the syllabus and students are asked to finish their assignments on time. This is a process that continues year after year but what keeps the adrenalin flowing is the sense of newness that each year brings with it.

Empowering pupils with reading skills

Remediana Dias
How does one begin a remedial programme for children who find it difficult to read? A helpful starting point would be to address their attitudes to reading and talk to them about what readers do when they read. Sharing an entire story, preparing them to embrace the new vocabulary, using a tape recorder are some important ways to engage them in this task.

Is your child school-ready?

Manaswini Sridhar
What are the life-skills that pre-primary children need to be equipped with? How can a parent prepare a child so that it is ready to face a school environment?

Taking the skill challenge

Sindhu Sree

An innovative skill challenge event held recently by Creya Learning Solutions had children in the age group of 11-13 explore their engineering skills by building models such as cranes, windmills etc.

Forging their own paths

Steven Rudolph

What happens when students are given a chance to do as they please without supervision and minus the rigours of a daily schedule? Result: their faces are relaxed , there is a sense of calmness and an ease in their body language. Read all about this experiment at Jiva Institute.

The myth of the misbehaved child

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

Does a child really misbehave? Can the parent or teacher respond in a more understanding manner to the act of misbehaviour ? Afer all, isn’t misbehaviour too a part of the child’s learning process? Find some answers to these questions in this article.

Carbon and its compounds – 2

Yasmin Jayathirtha

Why is carbon unique and what is its link between inorganic and organic chemistry? Read all about carbon and its compounds here.

White gold, black soil

Sujata C

A project on Cotton can be engaging. How can a student learn all about life by being on a cotton farm? Cotton is more than just a fabric. It has pervaded every part of our lives in more ways than we can think of. From clothing to medicare to oils, its range is very wide. This article will take you on an incredible journey of cotton that will leave you asking for more.

The flying tigers

Geetha Iyer
Have you ever come across tigers that fly or a tiger with six legs? Welcome to the world of tiger butterflies that are very common in our country. This month’s Nature Watch column introduces us to a different species of butterflies that can be found in large numbers in both urban and rural areas.