Seize the moment

There’s no disagreeing that education is at the centre of any programme of change. History has shown us that propaganda seeking to change mindsets and cultural meanings finds its way into textbooks and school curricula. Newly elected governments often disrupt Read More …

‘Team’ up to empower your school

Steven Rudolph

Have you noticed that some teachers in your school are over worked and that that is hampering their teaching and other skills? In school, work should be shared equally by all teachers. Read on to find out how making small teams of likeminded teachers helped empower both the teachers and the school.

I have confidence in me

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

Confidence is an attitude that we all try and build in our children. But what is confidence? Do we have to force children to do things they don’t like in order to become confident at something? The authors tell you.

From seeing to knowing

Yasmin Jayathirtha

Simple experiments using chemicals found in everyday household products to help children learn to observe changes and then convert their observations into balanced equations.

Diversity: the spice of life

We all know that no two fingerprints can be the same. Similarly we need to imprint in our minds that no two children are the same. So how can one teaching method fit all?

A comprehensive guide

Naina Joseph

Ever get confused with word usage? Know Your English Vol. 2 is written to help the average speaker of English deal with confusing words in the language. Comprehensive and lucid the book should find place on every Indian’s bookshelf.

“Inhabiting” ecological exhibits

Divya Choudary

A biodiversity exhibition showcasing exhibits by children from this primary school shows how big concepts can be made simpler for young children.

Beyond words!

Ratna Rao

Writing is one of the important skills that teachers have to impart to students. And despite the plathora of material available to aid the teacher in this area there is never enough of it. Here are some more ideas of how you can get even the most diffident of the children to write.

Walking on the “wild” side

Sanchita Sharma

If you move away from the chalk and talk you will realize how much fun there is in teaching and learning. Here a teacher shares her experience of taking her students on a “wild”journey.

The nourishment of ideas


We have all heard that the Waldorf system of education is an extremely child-friendly teaching-learning environment. Here is a glimpse into the world of Waldorf.