The uniform self and the veiled other

Rahee Dahake
Are uniforms preparing children for the real world by creating a sense of homogeneity? Do they have a positive effect on academic achievement? Is the uniform creating a sense of school identity or is it creating differences among children? These are some of the burning questions that need to be asked, says the author in this article.

The gender question

Damayanti Mukherjee
Uniformity in the school uniform is an open question. This article looks at the gender differences and argues that there really is no single answer and not much scope for judgment.

Whose uniform is it anyway?

Simran Luthra
This article argues for more choice for students to be able to express who they are and not live in the fear of being judged or punished for their choices

Uniforms, uniformity, conformity or inclusivity?

Sheela Ramakrishnan
Do external uniforms really bring about internal inclusivity? How strong a role does the uniform play in influencing thought? The need now is to have a common colour thinking rather than common coloured uniforms— to respect every available strength rather than focus on differences.