Changing with the times

Sandhya Siddharth
A complete transformation in the school uniform requires a lot of thought and planning. Here is one instance of how a school in Bengaluru went about this onerous task.

Contemporary and chic

Adilakshmi Chintalapati
From selecting the fabric for the ideal school uniform to deciding on the colours that will reflect the school’s philosophy, the design process in an international school underwent several stages. This was because there had to be acceptance from all the stakeholders—the parents, the children and the school authorities. This article by a principal outlines how things took shape.

Going beyond looks and clothes

Vijayalakshmi Nandakumar
What happens when a school does not have a uniform? Instead, a dress code is in place. What is the motivation behind this system and do children have the freedom to choose what they wear? Does enforcing a dress code have its own merits? Read up this article for an interesting insight into the philosophy of one of Hyderabad’s leading schools.

Coming together

Munusamy Raviraaj and R Akshayan
How does the ‘free uniforms’ system work in government schools in rural areas? Are parents encouraged to send their children to school only because of the free uniform? What do the children studying in the rural schools feel about their uniform? An example of how this works in Tamil Nadu.

Keeping it simple

Vandana Aggarwal
The author explores what an ideal uniform is and suggests that a uniform should be economical, comfortable, culturally appropriate and must unite a diverse group of students.