Learning the ropes by playing the roles

Mangalam Narayanan

Understanding the way a state assembly functions is an important topic in the social studies class. Read to find out how this teacher turned her classroom into a mock assembly!

Making CCE Meaningful

Kirti Munjal

Wondering how to implement CCE in the secondary classes? Circle time is a wonderful way to do it. Read here some games that will nurture values and cooperation among children besides teaching them math, science, and language.

Money: power at its most liquid

Sini Santosh Nair and Chintan Girish Modi

The world runs on money they say. Understanding the workings of money is a very important chapter in high school. This article gives you the basics on the concept of money along with lots of activities and project ideas to help students learn about this topic better.

Getting ready for school

Srividhya Chandrasekaran

Sending her tiny tot off to his first school is always a trying time for a mother. A young mother shares her anxiety along with giving us suggestions on how the mother and the child can make this new phase in their lives a tension free one.

All fool’s day

S Upendran

April is the fool’s month. How did the month come to get its name? Why do people play pranks on each other on 1st April? And what does Greek goddess have to do with this month?

Punctuation rules! Or does it?

Divya Choudary

Fullstop, question mark, comma we have heard of. Did you know that there are newer puncutation marks being invented like the interrobang and the sarc mark?

Going global, losing the local?

Maya Menon My mother and her much-older siblings walked long distances every day in the hot sun or pouring rain to go to school – Malayalam-medium schools in the Kerala of the 1930s and 40s. They, however, grew up proficient Read More …

Need to raise the bar

Pritam Benjamin In the last decade, there has been a spurt in the growth of international schools or internationally –minded schools. Today there are schools that offer you the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), the International Baccalaureate (IB), The Ontario Curriculum, Read More …