Health-giving herbs

Ramesh Savalia and Suman Rathod

This article is an example of the fact that children learn best by doing. Read to find out how teachers and students from 10 rural schools in Gujarat learnt several lessons while creating medicinal plant gardens for their schools.


Mamata Pandya

You don’t have to go to a forest or a national park to see animals. If you are interested, observant and concerned you can spot a lot of wildlife right in the middle of the concrete jungle you live in. Here is a glimpse of the animals you can see in your own backyard.

What’s on your plate?

Meena Raghunathan

Did you think biodiversity was restricted to the flora and fauna? The food that we eat is also part of biodiversity. Learn something new today about biodiversity in food through the activities in this article.

A walk in the city woods

Katie Bagli

It is the little things in life that give us pleasure. Read the experiences of this group of tree lovers who have learnt a lot about trees from their regular tree walks in their city.

Under rocks, between leaves

Gowri Shankar and Sharmila

What a lot nature can teach us, if only we care to listen and learn? Here are some tips and suggestions on what and how you can learn from nature.

All in the names

Nitya S Ghotge

India is a country that has a rich variety of domesticated livestock. But these indegenous breeds that have been serving us for centuries are now threatned with the inclusion of foreign animal breeds to satisfy our needs. Read to see why we must absolutely protect our local breed of cows, goats and buffalos.

Biodiversity in the urban jungle

Sanskriti Menon

Living in an urban city with only shops and building around? Is nature restricted to your neighbourhood park? Find out how you can still instill in children a love for nature from this article.

Connecting with nature

V Shubhalaxmi

Bombay Natural History Society’s Conservation Education Centre has launched many programmes and events that are helping people connect with nature. See how you can replicate some of their programmes in your own schools and localities.