When hands-on activities are not possible: Atoms

Neeraja Raghavan
How does one teach the concept of atoms? For a topic like this where hands-on activities are not possible, it is crucial that the teacher catches the attention of the students. This article highlights how the atomic model can be explained to students.

The myth of Gandhiji’s three monkeys

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
Should teachers or parents build a shield around a child or inside a child, is the question that is discussed here. Instead of teaching children what is right or wrong, it is better to teach them how to decide what is right and wrong, instead of thrusting our beliefs on them, it is better they build their own thoughts and perspectives.

To listen is to learn

Smita Sharma
Along with reading and writing, teachers must also try to hone the listening skills of their students. Check out some of these suggestions to improve your listening skills.

What do we want: Prisoners or Preceptors?

R S Prasad
The practice of asking teachers to surrender their certificates that is followed by some schools is an issue that needs to be debated seriously. This sends out wrong signals to teachers and does not create an empathetic and nurturing space for them. Principals and managements of schools must explore more positive ways of engaging with the teacher.

Carbon and its compounds

Yasmin Jayathirtha

This article explains what can be done in the laboratory to illustrate the carbon cycle.

Ensuring continuing competence

Ravinarayan Chakrakodi
A look at why it is important for teachers to share good practices, ask questions, understand the problems that other teachers face and develop new insights into their own teaching.

Information rich, stunning images

Geetha Iyer

‘Protected Animals of India’ by Sanjay Sondhi is a beginner’s guide to learning about protected animals, conservation efforts and about organisations involved in such efforts.

Campaign for champagne

S Upendran
Whether it is democracy or kleptocracy, bullet or ballot, candidate or campaign, this article delves into all things political.

A student once again….

Ritika Chawla
How does it feel to go back to college after a break of four years? And why does one want to go back at all? A charming account of what it is to begin learning all over again.

What are we teaching our children?

Simran Luthra and Mounik Shankar Lahiri

Democracy in /and education have long been buzzwords in any discourse in education. But to what extent have these concepts been understood? This article tries to demystify these concepts and touches upon why democratic education is desirable, what hinders democratic practices in education and what teachers and educators can do to practice democratic education.