Entering the debate

The recent debate on whether political cartoons should be allowed in textbooks grabbed a lot of media attention, but in all this hullaballoo, the voice of teachers was found missing. Teachers’ opinions on the debate would have certainly been an eye-opener. It is time teachers acknowledged that the classroom is an equally important political space and begin to use it in a way that will make students think beyond their textbooks and build a culture of debate and discussion.

Unlock the writer within!

Sushree Mishra

Getting children to write in class is a task that many teachers have had to encounter. Children usually have many stories to share and teachers must create the space for them to put down their stories in writing. This article gives some tips on how teachers can get their children to write.

The myth of learning

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

Do children learn only when they are taught in a systematic and structured way? This article shatters some myths where learning is concerned and points out that learning can happen most naturally,oftentimes on the job itself especially when children are engaged in their own endeavours.

When a parent is also the teacher

Manaswini Sridhar
There are several issues that come up when a child and the parent attend the same school, the former as a student and the latter as a teacher. Awkward situations need to be handled with maturity so that both the teacher-parent and the student-child are not affected. Here are some ground rules which schools can use as a general framework so that the child, the teacher and the parent-teacher cooperate for the good of all.

Infusing enthusiasm into teaching

Cheryl Rao
‘The Art of Teaching’ scores in inspiring and prompting the teacher to think out of the box to foster a dynamic classroom environment that will bring out the best in students.

An open letter: why CCE makes sense

Swati Nath

Is the CCE a fair assessment tool? Have teachers embraced it completely? Here is a teacher’s view on the CCE and her appeal to all teachers to accept the new system wholeheartedly.

The chemistry of water

Yasmin Jayathirtha

Water is a topic studied across classes and disciplines and is essential to life. Here are some experiments that can be brought to the attention of students.

Boarding schools: ideal, idyllic or impractical?

Arjun Rajkhowa

Is the boarding school today an anathema to most parents? Why do many parents find the concept of boarding schools outdated and not in sync with the present lifestyle of urban families? This article tries to answer these questions and more.

Connecting to everyday reality

Students need to apply what they are learning to what is happening in the world outside the school walls, especially when talking about concepts in science. Therefore real life connects need to be included as and when possible. This helps teachers to convey information and inspire students as well.

Walking up the ladder of success

Geetha Durairajan

Students must set goals and motivate themselves to achieve their self-set goals, as that is the only way they can go up the success ladder. The competition should be against one’s own self, not with others. Success that comes from these efforts remains the sweetest.