Taking lessons from MasterChef

Sumana Kasturi

We call it the idot box and blame the television for a host of problems plaguing our children. But televison could be a wonderful learning aid if we pick the right programmes. Here’s what programmes on food can teach us.

From my cookbook

Geetha Durairajan

For those unplanned occassions or planned parties here are some mouth watering dishes for you to try out from a teacher’s cookbook.

You are what you eat!

Reena Kurien

Home science is an optional subject offered only by the ICSE. But this subject can teach one about the importance of food and the importance of life. A teacher shares her experiences.

Food as first principle

Vinita Mansata

Organic food, traditional eating habits and the long forgotten practices, we understand their importance and why we need to bring them back in a world that is becoming increasingly difficult to live in.