Millets: The future of food and farming in India

P V Satheesh

Here is an alarming fact–India is the most malnourished country in the world and what is worse is that we are far below the poverty stricken African countries in terms of our nutritional status. Why do you think this is?

Food additives and child health

Dr. V Sudershan Rao

One of the byproducts of modernity is that we are getting used to comforts and convenience. We no longer want to spend time even for our most basic need–food. With a lot of processed foods flooding the market, here is what you should watch out for.

Selling obesity

Sinchana Appachoo

This is a debate that has played out in many countries in the world–junk food advertising and child health. With India following in the footsteps of America to becoming an obese nation it is time for us to join the debate as well and take some quick action.

Good Nutrition: where does it start?

Munusamy Raviraaj

In India, malnourishment is acute in the rural areas. How much do people in our villages know about nutrition, how healthy are their kids growing up?