Putting vitamins into the diet

Suneetha Sapur

The food we eat does much more than just satiate our hunger. The nutrients found in the food that we consume are very important for the growth and maintainance of our body. When we don’t eat right, there are problems in the body. For instance if the body doesn’t get enough of vitamin A from the food we eat then it can cause blindness. Here are some foods that one can grow and should eat more of to make up for vitamin deficiencies.

Spice up your life

Arati Narayan

Are the spices in our food there just for flavour? Or is there more to them than meets the eye? Find out.

Who says holiday foods have to be sinful?

Amrita Choudary

The festive season is a time for celebration and food. And festive foods don’t come lean. But for those who are conscious of putting on those extra kilos, there are healthier and equally tasty options. Here are some recipes that you can try out in the festive season.

Daily rejuvenation by breaking the fast

Shahnaz Vazir

How important is breakfast to one’s wellbeing? Do concentration levels and the brain’s capacity to assimilate knowledge get affected when breakfast is skipped? Find out why breakfast is the most important meal of the day and why from the young to the old and students to teachers should all take time to have their breakfast every morning.

Don’t let stress strain your diet!


Stress has become synonymous with life today. There is nobody that is not stressed out. Did you know that there are foods that can actually calm you and bring your stress levels down? When one is stressed there is a tendency to binge on all the wrong foods which can in fact cause more stress. So find out what you should and shouldn’t eat after a tough day at school.

Eat right to live right

Aruna Mallya

We have all heard of holistic nutrition and balanced diets but what do these words really mean? How do we ensure that we eat a balanced diet?

Evolving food habits in India

Kamala Krishnaswamy and Ruchi Vaidya Food or ‘annam’ is the basic necessity of life and existence and ‘annam’ is “aham”. We all need food to eat, to grow, to develop physically and mentally, to work at our optimal capacity, to Read More …