Play and learn science

Science is a subject that easily lends itself to practical teaching. And learning by doing is the best way to learn science.

Inspiring a passion for teaching

A book meant for teachers–both beginners and experienced–Teaching Community a pedagogy of hope has been written to inspire a passion for teaching.

Earth images, Earth stories

More often than not, our geography lessons get confined to the atlas. The Earth is a living planet and it has a story to tell. If we teach geography through stories and images, it will become a fun subject for all children.

The notebooks

A student, now an IAS officer, shares a touching experience from her school days.

Leading by example

A teacher tells us how his life experience came in handy to advice his student.

A footmarch to a new life

A first generation learner from his village in Arunachal Pradesh, this writer narrates his experience of going to a school for the first time.

That rainy day…

An incident in this teacher’s life helped her realize that just because she was an adult and a teacher it didn’t mean that she was more mature in life than the students she was to teach.

Cream biscuit

In every teacher’s life there will be instances when the students they are meant to teach end up teaching them. This writer narrates one such instance.

The real test

The best teachers are those teachers that can be friends with their students. Here is an incident of how a friendly teacher helped a student overcome his fears of math.