A way with words?

Entries received for the Teacher Plus slogan contest: Teachers – the heartbeats of the nation. Teaching is learning and living. Teaching is my passion. Proud teacher, inventive and innovative. Muralidharan Generations we mould, gentleness we unfold, goodness we inculcate, genuiness Read More …

Heal thyself…

On this Teachers’ Day, this teacher appeals to everyone involved in education to reduce the superficial celebrations that take place this day every year in schools and instead asks everyone students, teachers, administrators and others to look inside and think about where education has reached in this country.

A trek along the Narmada

Know how difficult and challenging a pilgrimage can be from this account of a devotee who undertook a spiritual journey along the river Narmada.

You can do it…

We have often heard of this saying, ‘Try, try until you succeed’; despite several odds this author tells his readers how his determination and perseverance helped him achieve his goal.

Teaching in times of uncertainty

During times of conflict and political unrest, it is always the functioning of educational institutions that gets hit first. While it is true that teachers lose a lot of working days during such times, perhaps they can use this time to think about and plan creative lessons for their students.

Innocent no more

When you think of children, you think of happy smiling faces. But in today’s times you realize that despite those smiles and innocent eyes, children are growing up faster than you’d like them to and are learning to be cunning and conniving, shedding their innocence sooner rather than later.

Need for two-teacher classrooms

The new method of assessment, CCE, requires that a teacher be not only well informed but also be able to document annecdotes in class. With overcrowded Indian classrooms, this is perhaps a bit too demanding on the teacher. A solution to this problem is to have two teachers in every classroom.

Juvenile blues

Almost everyday there is news of young children and adolescents attempting to commit suicide and sometimes even succeeding. Increasing cases of depression among children are being reported. It is necessary that as adults we keep a look out for signs of depression among children and help them combat it.

Connection versus separation

As teachers it is important that we teach our students to perform for themselves and not to compete with others. When we perform for ourselves we actually make a contribution to society but when we perfom to compete we only end up furthering enmity and hatred.