RtE 2009: Cementing inequalities

In our ongoing debate on the RtE Act, Simantini Dhuru goes on to explain why the Act may not change the state of government schools.

Corals – architects of the underwater metropolis

In our new series titled Nature Watch,Geetha Iyer introduces readers to certain diverse life forms that are not often talked about in classrooms, but can be woven into the syllabus to provide absorbing and exciting lessons. The first of the series discusses corals.

Why experiments are important

Science teaching must emphasise both content and process, one without the other is meaningless. Content can be acquired from books and from experimentation. And experimentation is the process of science.

Time for the bucket list

After 36 years in the teaching profession, Manju Gupta decides to give it all up to pursue her other interests.

To push, prescribe or participate?

Does the average Indian urban parent participate in his/her child’s education? Do teachers prefer that parents involve themselves in their child’s education? What expectations do the teachers have from parents? Studies have shown that teachers and principals should familiarize themselves with the facets of parental involvement that can help the most, so that they can guide parents on what steps they can take to become more involved.