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Fun to make and inexpensive too!

S Subbalakshmi and Anu Kurian Arvind Gupta is well known for his innovative science and mathematics teaching aids. He prepares the aids from material that is accessible. He currently works at the children’s Science Centre of the Inter-University Centre for Read More …

Can we stem the rot?

In the context of upheavals in the Indian political space, it is time to revisit and reappraise how a moral and ethical fibre can be woven into the consciousness of children during their schooling years.

Of integration and inclusion

How does a differently abled child fit into the mainstream in the classroom? Are there schools and teachers who draw up separate intervention plans for these children? This article highlights a few cases where children with special needs have been successfully integrated and have enjoyed happy years of schooling.

Self-assessment at Centre for Learning

Engaging with children to look at their own work and attitudes helps the teacher gain an insightful feedback. Self-assessment is not only a very important evaluation exercise, but is, in itself, a direct and important learning activity towards the achievement of curricular aims.

Celebrating trees

A school project on trees can help children to reconnect with nature. This article attempts to describe a few interesting activities that will help children build skills like observation, recording, classifying and referencing.

Simple machines at work

Movies as a pedagogical tool? Yes, Physics can be taught using several film clippings. This article gives some examples of how clippings from the movie ‘Home alone’ can be used to explain a chapter on Simple Machines.

Effective learning – concept maps

A concept map is a colourful,visual form of representing things. When learning a new concept, the two halves of the human brain perform different tasks. Using both sides of the brain effectively increases productivity and memory retention. That is what a concept map does. It helps the student use the brain more effectively to achieve better learning.

The five minute show

Five precious minutes and how does one make the most of it? Read on and equip yourself with some smart strategies.