Fun and motivating sessions

Workshops for teachers can be tiresome if enough care is not taken to have a resource person who enjoys interacting with teachers. Bringing in an element of fun and treating teachers as students will go a long way in motivating them to approach their jobs with passion.

Green children, green values

Is there something amiss with the teaching of environment education in schools? Despite all the projects that children do on environment, how much do they really know and how much do they care? The author outlines a few objectives that will help children come closer to Nature.

The “Peter Principal”

At the professional level, what would be the best yardstick to measure a teacher’s performance? This article gives a few tips to deal with this issue.

Foot up the quick?

What is the origin of the words ‘quick’ and ‘bald’? Often used in everyday conversation, rarely do we to stop to think about how these words originated. Read on to find out more.

Shrinking spaces for dissent?

Is dissent as important as following the rule or being obedient? Why has it become a shrinking commodity? Is it only something that the ‘other’ engages in? Dissent is just as important a lesson as learning to be disciplined and not breaking the law. It is important that we follow rules but we must also learn to question them.

When might becomes right

Is physical punishment an effective way of disciplining children? Is it an unjust and unfair assault on another human being? Or is it essentially a means of exercising control over another individual? There is no reason, whatever to justify the use of physical violence in a classroom or school. This article takes a look at the consequences of corporal punishment and what initiatives can be taken to make schools happy places.