Life skills through ‘Modern Times’

Popular films have not just entertainment to offer us but education as well. In the March issue of Teacher Plus we told you how you could use the movie ‘Home Alone’ to teach physics. This article tells you how you can instil life skills in your students by getting them to watch Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times.

Summer projects

The holidays are upon us again and most of us are looking forward to the long break. While some of us would like to sit back and relax, some others would like to learn new things. However it is we decide to spend our vacation we should realize that in everything we do, see, and observe there is something there that we can learn from and take back to the classroom.

Using leaves, seeds, and tyres

There is no better way of teaching little children than by playing games. Teacher Plus presents you a few games you can play using everyday things like seed, leaves, and tyres to teach children basic concepts of shapes and colours and vocabulary, even while they have fun.

Learning phonetically

Learning to speak and perhaps even write a language like English becomes easy if we are familiar with the phonetics of the language. This article share a few phonic games, which you can use as is in the classroom or as a springboard to develop games of your own.

We the children, together

Although cooperative learning is the catch phrase in education today, a lot of schools still believe in getting each child to learn on his own. There is a lot of advantage to allowing children to learn together in groups. Here are some tips on how you can incorporate coopertaive learning in your classroom.

Treasures from a toymaker

Celebrated educationist, Arvind Gupta’s website is a treasure trove for all those who want to learn science. From simple to complex principles, Gupta explains them with ease and all through photographs and videos, which teach you how to make toys from waste materials.

Knowledge for free

Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free.This is the tagline of the website– The website has over2100 10-20 minute videos explaining concepts in biology, chemistry, algebra, arithmatic, accountancty, calculus and many other subjects in easily understandable methods. Students, teachers, and educators can all come and share and learn on this tremendous platform.

Computer as a creative resource

With computers finding their way in all aspects of our lives, teaching computers in isolation is not a good idea. Just like in real life, in school the teaching/learning of computers should be integrated with other subjects. This article narrates the experience of how children in a school learned English, math, drwaing,etc., while they learnt to use the computer.

Geography through time and space

Srinivasan K Studying the trends and patterns in geography from a book certainly helps, but what appears as understanding, most often ends up as knowledge and information if it is not reinforced by complementary real world experiences. Identifying the interactions Read More …

How things work

“Why is the sky blue?” “How does a washing machine dry clothes?” “Why are there dimples on golf balls?” “How do seasons occur?” Our quest to “know more” has led to new discoveries over the ages, which in turn have Read More …