Collaborative online research experiment

At different points of time a teacher is called upon to do things other than just teach her subject. She often has to play the roles of a mediator, counsellor, confidante, etc., for her students. This writer invites all teachers to share and document their knowledge in playing these different roles so that we can all teach and learn from each other the art of being a complete teacher?

Teacher Fellowships: an idea

The Regional Resouce Centre for Elementary Education at the University of Delhi is offering teacher fellowships to schoolteachers to allow them to undertake classroom based research to improve their professional capacities as teachers. Here is a reprot.

Have a cuppa!

Teaching is a fulfilling but tiring job so take a break and refresh yourself with these enticing tea receipes.

Dealing with distraction

Do you have distracted students in your class? Do you find your class often disrupted because of them? Here are some simple ways of dealing with such students.

Mere desh ki dharti…

This time the author ponders about Indian independence and the freedom and respect that teachers get in independent India.

Teachers’ Day Special

Our request to teachers to share with Teacher Plus their first day experiences as a teacher led some of them to go one step further and ponder over the question why they entered the teaching profession at all. Here are some responses.


First day jitters and joys As we began planning for our September issue, we were all sure that it had to be special just like our previous issues. What could be better than asking teachers to go down memory lane Read More …

What motivates me

Lot of schools today are encouraging a non-competitive atmosphere among their students. Does that have an adverse affect on the students who ultimately have to join today’s extremely competitive society? This student writes how a non-competitive environment in school actually helped instill the right kind of competitive spirit in her.