Curb cheating the right way

Manaswini Sridhar

The first impulse of a teacher when she catches her student cheating in an exam is to chastise him/her. But apart from causing some embarrassment, chastising or admonishing doesn’t help much. Find here the right ways to deal with cheating.

Thoughts on Vinoba’s Thoughts on

Simran Luthra

Vinoba Bhave is most kown for his ‘Bhoodan movement’ in the early years of the Indian independence. But Vinoba was also a thinker and philospher with strong views on education. And while Vinoba’s views on education were fomed several decades ago, this author finds how most of Vinoba’s thinking stands true of education in today’s times as well.

Insightful read

Deepti Bharthur

Environmental pollution, e-waste, harmful chemicals and toxins in food–these are things that every child should be made familiar with. Our Toxic World presents these issues neatly in its half graphic novel and half information manuel format.

The world, a stage?

S Upendran

A bit over the top but funny and informative all the same, Words Unlimited chooses Shakespeare as the subject this time and discusses words associated with theatre.

The business of teaching

Girija Uday Kumar

Disappointment, excitement, challenging, tiresome–this is what teaching is as this teacher found out.

From mother-tongue to many tongues

An issue, in the educational field, that draws strong opinions from people is the medium of instruction in schools. This article has the author strongly advocating the use of regional languages in primary school as the medium of instruction.

Overcoming the language barrier

Anjali Sharma
Learning a new language is not very easy. Whether you are trying to learn english, hindi or anyother language here are a few tips that might help.