From all of us to each of them

Sometimes wisdom comes from the most casual and incidental of conversations. Discussing a vision statement made by an educational institution, a gentleman I recently met remarked that he had insisted that the word “all” be changed to “each” in the Read More …

Priya in lever land

Cynthia D’Costa Priya lived in a small village named Vidynagar. She was quite excited. You see, her tenth birthday was fast approaching. This time she was expecting her cousins from the city to join her. Melosa, Aden and Seon had Read More …

Running inspires intelligence

Stories are always fascinating and there are so many things one can teach or learn from them. Take away history, science and life skills lessons from this story.

Recession – the cause and the effect

Are your students unenthusiastic about their economics classes? Do you feel you are losing their attention too often? This article, using the topic of recession, gives you tips to engage your students and make you economics classes interactive.

RTE Act – Issues in implementation

Indian education is slowly coming to terms with the RtE even as the debates continue. Adjustments and compromises are being made both by the government and the various stakeholders. The ongoing RtE debate in Teacher Plus.

Elucidating Electrochemistry

Using the concept of Small Scale Chemistry detailed in the last issue of Teacher Plus, here is how you can experience concepts in electrochemistry.

Bamboo, the wonder grass

Unveil the miracle of bamboo by undertaking this project with your students. See how bamboo weaves English, history, culture and sport.

Seating solutions

The row wise arrangement of benches and desks may be convenient in most Indian classrooms but this is not a very inspiring seating arrangement. Here’s how you can shake away the boredom and reinvent your classroom despite the small space.

Literacy and reading programs

Reading as an activity is not really encouraged in the average Indian school. Various organizations working in the field of education including governments are attempting to change this. But are they doing it the right way?