Gamification in learning

Kishor Nikhare

If you have observed children play, you will notice that they have a lot of fun even as they gain many life skills such as working together as a team, problem-solving, etc. Why don’t we try using games to teach them math and English too?

Who is the ideal teacher?

Prabhu S
We always have a lot of expectations from our students. Have we ever asked them what they expect from us?


Ramya Sriram
The Lifelong Learner is a monthly comic strip that illustrates how continuous learning is
embedded in the human experience. The strip emphasizes that learning is not confined to
just school: we learn from nature, relationships, conversations, listening, making mistakes,
trying new things, and reflection. And of course, learning isn’t a one-way street, it’s a
dynamic exchange between teacher and student, adult and child.

Mathematics as a muscle memory

Vignesh M
This teacher and his school found a perfect solution to a sedentary lifestyle in this innovative practice of teaching math.