Tap, listen, explore

Ravi Sinha and Adithi Muralidhar https://birds.hbcse.tifr.res.in/ Smartphones and other digital devices are ubiquitous now even in rural areas. This easy access to technology everywhere has opened up new and creative ways to design learning experiences beyond the limits of print Read More …

What is my role as a teacher?

Ranjeeta Prajapati
As teachers is it our job only to teach our students the syllabus? A small and seemingly insignificant incident gave this teacher the answer to the above question.

The ‘little’ lessons of life

Latha Vydianathan
Little kids, very often, can surprise us. While they may be dependent on us for many things, they are also capable of teaching us a thing or two.

Math can be fun!

Sadaf Sayed
When you introduce math to children through interesting and fun facts, children will find it easier to like the subject

Learning through reflections, working from strength

Varun Gupta
Reflections are a wonderful way for teachers to learn and grow in their profession. As they observe their students in different situations and their own interaction with their students, teachers become better at what they do.

Pre-primary education: balanced approach, need of the hour

Anil Kumar Gona
Are we shirking our responsibilities as parents? Do children as young as 2 and 3 need to go to schools? While these may be playschools in name, we must realize that these schools do more than just make our children play building unnecessary stress in little children.

The power of teacher collaboration

Nikisha Kotwal
We are all aware of that proverb, ‘Unity is strength’. When we come together we can achieve great things than we can individually. It is not just the students but teachers too can and should collaborate to teach.