Library narratives

Anitha B and Seethal PS
If you are looking for ways to make the best use of your library, read to find out how these two librarians got their students and teachers to explore the library.

Going green

Alka Kapur
If you are thinking about implementing green initiatives in your school, Modern Public School shares with you a few practices that you can follow.

Are you a STEM school?

Megha Bajaj
For the kind of world we are living in, it is not enough if we prepare our children to learn byheart. If they are to lead fulfilling lives tomorrow, we need to teach them with care and understanding today. We need to link what they learn with their lives to help them understand why they are learning what they are learning.

Five ways to support the wellbeing of school leaders

Radhika Zahedi
School leaders are expected to ensure that their schools run smoothly. They have to create a happy and safe environment for their teachers and students. They have to be able to be able to tackle the problems that come along. But who is to take care of the school leader?

Gamification in learning

Kishor Nikhare

If you have observed children play, you will notice that they have a lot of fun even as they gain many life skills such as working together as a team, problem-solving, etc. Why don’t we try using games to teach them math and English too?