Helping children find themselves

Sanjhee Gianchandani
The pandemic has abruptly uprooted children from their safe and secure environments, leaving them feeling confused and anxious trying to cope with the stressful times. During this phase the support and guidance of teachers and parents is crucial.

Reassembling the assembly

Nimesh Ved
A brief account of what teachers did with their time during the lockdown last year when schools were closed.

Teaching vocabulary: A daunting task

Unnati Ved

Teaching vocabulary is not an easy task . There is a constant need to improve and learn new words. Learners must not stop with just knowing the meaning of a word. The form and use of the word is also important.

Every child learns differently

Vaidehi Sriram
A teacher shares her experience of practicing differential teaching with students of mixed abilities. She also shares how we can do this with limited resources at hand.

Connecting with nature in a virtual learning mode

R. V. Jayapadma
Moving online to teach and learn has not been easy for most teachers and students. And if you are a school that has built nature walks, bird watching, and other outdoor activities into your daily routine, how can you do it online? A teacher shares her experience of how she and a colleague solved the problem and continued their bird watching programme online.

For your bookshelf

Chintan Girish Modi
Animal stories always catch children’s attention. Whether to introduce them to the nature around, or to initiate them into the habit of reading or to teach them about animals here are three books that will be useful.

A Korean adventure

Learning is an individual experience. An enterprising teacher should be ready to innovate and change his strategy in tune with the atmosphere of the class.