Food for thought

Chintan Girish Modi
Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef by Vibha Batra is a delightful and funny book about a young boy, Pinkoo who loves baking. How he fights gender stereotypes and his journey to becoming a pastry chef is what this engaging book is all about. Ideal for seven to eleven year-olds.

The story behind the storyteller

Chintan Girish Modi
Geeta Ramanujam’s new book, Tales from the World, is an excellent resource. In this book, she has compiled stories from different countries across the world . Here is an interview with the author.

Making friends at the library

Chintan Girish Modi
The book under review is a tribute to the institution of the public library, which offers a space, a service and a sanctuary. It provides human connection to the misfits and the marginalized, and to readers eager to discuss the books that they adore.

E-library for teachers: Integrating AI-assisted self-learning resources

Betty Obura Ogange and Walter Buyu
With the closure of schools due to the pandemic, there has risen a need for skills development among teachers so that they can support distance and online learning. Self- learning approaches are now on the increase as it helps more teachers to access quality learning resources. The E- library for teachers project is a platform that is currently helping teachers to learn all by themselves.

Library for everyone

Sujata Noronha
If a library is for all, how does one design such a library and practice inclusion? Here are a few instances.

Let’s get moving

Shruti Shankar
The pandemic has given us the opportunity to rethink several aspects of education. Can healthy behaviours be incorporated into and taught through the education system? Despite several states permitting schools to operate in offline mode, many schools continue in the online and hybrid modes. While the online mode presents its own set of challenges, it is especially vital that movement and exercise are incorporated into the routine of online schooling.

Are we ready for ‘hybrid education’?

Kiran Sangeeta Murali
With schools reopening across the country, will students be able to adapt to the new routine? Reorganizing and restructuring a student’s day bit by bit, a small step at a time will help them deal with their offline time-table gradually.

The marvellous world of chemical compounds

Hanza George, Mursaleen Shaikh and Savita Ladage
Chemistry is one subject that is delinked from everyday life when it is taught in formal schools. Most textbooks are abstract in nature and students have very few opportunities to explore experimental activities and materials. As a solution, here are some resources in the form of leaflets about some interesting chemical compounds and highlighting their connections to our lives.

A mirror to education in our times

Jayapadma R.V.
The pandemic has catapulted teaching learning processes into the online world. During such a time it would be good to remind ourselves of some of the concerns Tagore and Krishnamurti had about education. For in them we may find ideas for the way forward.