How city government schools work

Chandrika Muralidhar
The functioning of government primary schools through the eyes of a keen observer – the schools being those from an urban setup. Functioning of Government Schools in Urban Areas – A Narrative based on Three Schools endeavours to present a holistic view of the functioning of government schools.

Using data to improve learning

Ishita Ghoshal
Action research helps a teacher to enhance her reflective practices. It gives her a glimpse of the learning patterns, learning attitudes, gaps in learning and empowers her to use fact-based data to drive, explore and experiment to improve or innovate upon these patterns. The author illustrates this with an example from her own experience.

Fostering engagement in the classroom

Aruna Sankaranarayanan Muthu Sir flashes a photograph of gently rolling hills on the smart board and poses a question to the class, “Is there any evidence in this picture that the land was sculpted by glaciers?” Predictably, Ashi’s and Raunak’s Read More …

Our stories, our selves

Chintan Girish Modi
Get rid of the idea of a perfect story. There is no such thing. We are here to tell stories in ways that feel most comfortable to us,” said Anooj Bhandari, a multi-disciplinary performance artist, restorative justice professional and community organizer from New York City, while leading a personal storytelling workshop in Mumbai

Make the world come alive through design

CIPAM team
Continuing our series on Intellectual Property Rights, this time, the author talks about how design can be the exclusive right of the creator. This means without the permission of the design owner, nobody can reproduce or create copies of the protected design.

Mindfulness in a noisy class

Sahana Srinath
Mindfulness is a state of being; of being in the present without any thoughts/feelings about the past or the future. It is about focussing attention in the present and being aware of one’s current thoughts, feelings and state of mind and body.

The principles of good programming skills

Smitha Prasad
Is coding easy? Can anyone become a good computer programmer? How can children learn what it takes to learn a computer language? Here are some excellent tips starting from being disciplined and learning the basics to paying attention to details.