All-in-one classrooms

Multi-grade teaching is emerging as a form of schooling which best fits the needs of many countries in the Asia and Pacific region as they strive to meet their commitment to provide education for all.

This article is an attempt at exploring multi-grade teaching as an effective teaching-learning strategy. We share here our experience of having implemented the multi-grade teaching approach.

Teaching more than one grade at the same time in one classroom by a teacher is called multi-grade teaching.

The need for multi-grade teaching could arise because of:
• Historical factors:

  • Religious schools in Islamic countries have been following multi-grade teaching for centuries. India also has had the Gurukul system of teaching.

• Demographic factors

  • Meeting the demand for education in regions with significant growth in population.
  • Mobile populations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India are well served by multi-grade teaching where the teacher travels with the community.

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