Riding the tide of edtech

Shruti Singhal
Edtech has impacted teaching and learning in a big way. But is it here to stay? Will the educational structure change in the years to come? Will it become more individualistic with children choosing to learn just for a few hours and then spend their time doing what they like? While it may be too early to predict, there is no doubt that learning is a constant process. Teachers may have to accept that despite their rich experience, one has to evolve with changing times.

Learning about pandemics while living through one

Shruti Singhal
Pandemics are no longer something we used to read about in history. We are living through one right now and perhaps that is why it is also the best time to learn more about them and from them. These are difficult, exhausting and trying times but learning more about pandemics while experiencing one needn’t be hopeless and dark. Here are a few ways of how you can make the subject interesting and worthwhile for your students.

What’s scientific about the home? Everything!

Shruti Singhal
What is it about home management that seems to ruffle the feathers of most couples? Is it about budgeting expenses, sharing household tasks or not participating at all in ‘home work’? A few individuals express their views in this article.

Health & Healing

Shruti Singhal

Staying healthy, eating healthy, looking healthy. This is the current popular mantra. So what better time to teach children healthy habits and practices while helping them gain more knowledge about health and wellbeing?

From ‘smart’ classes to ‘smart’ buses

Shruti Singhal

Whenever there has been a talk about technology and education, most of us have not looked at technology beyond the classroom. There is however another area where technology is equally flourishing–the school transport system. The use of GPS, sending parents timely alerts, cctv cameras are all now part of every school transport service.

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