Schools in conflict zones

Ridhima Garg
Can schools bring together children from two communities in conflict? Together, can these children walk towards the goals of peace and coexistence? Can these schools develop trust and friendship across communities?

How can schools be good neighbours?

Seetha Anand Vaidyam
Can schools use the respect they command in the society to help address the problems the society faces? Problems like education, health and environment?

Schools and other institutions

Nimesh Ved
How do schools interact with their neighbouring institutions like banks, post-offices, railway-stations, shops, parks and, of course, other schools?

Schools and society

Ashwin Prabhu and Akhila Seshadri
Can a school help children engage with the world beyond the school walls? Can it encourage the children to view themselves as products of not just their homes and schools but of the larger world?

Beyond the school walls

Sumitra M Gautama
Do the values of a school decide whether or not it will relate to its neighbourhood? Can a school also be interpreted as the ambience it creates with its collective mind?

The school around the corner

Usha Raman
What does it mean for a school to be a part of a neighbourhood, or indeed, as is more often the case in our country, what does it do to a locality to have a school in its environs?

Who stole my playground?

Anuradha C
My return drive from work every evening includes a mandatory tour of Bengaluru’s famed IT district. While the posh high rises and gleaming tech parks might ‘wow’ a new migrant or tourist, it only elicits a groan of frustration from the regulars. Road after road of concrete monsters with hospitals, colleges, schools, malls all with identical glass facade!

A ‘comical’ journey in the history classroom

Mangalam Narayanan and Lakshmi Madhusudan
It is not just the students but teachers too get bored doing the same things over and over. If you are tired of setting question papers in the same old way, here is a fun way to set question papers for history.

Is my size and your size the same?

Ranjeeta Prajapati
When we know that one size does not fit all, why do we use standardized lesson plans? When every child learns differently, our lesson plans should also be such that they cater to each child’s needs.