What’s the deal with the EdTech boom?

Anuradha C
COVID may have hit many industries hard, but one industry actually prospered because of the pandemic—the Ed Tech industry. The fact that learning apps are sponsoring sports teams and are booking prime time TV ad slots is enough to tell us how fast and how much this industry has grown over the last two years. What are the pros and cons of this development?

Johnstone’s approach to understanding gas laws

S. Athavan Alias Anand
Chemistry is a subject that needs to be understood at three levels — macroscopic, microscopic and symbolic — if any learning has to take place. Our current pedagogical practices take care of the macroscopic and symbolic aspects of learning chemistry. With little or no microscopic understanding of chemistry, our students are not able to engage with the subject at a deeper level. Here’s how to use Johnstone’s (who first proposed the three level understanding) Triangle to teach chemistry.

Forests – an introduction

Geetha Iyer
When we think of forests, the mind’s eye conjures up a lush green world, where the Panchatantra tales played out, where animals rule, where there is a little bit of mystery but mostly magic. But forests lose all their charm in school, where children learn about different types of forests from their definitions. If we want our children to care for forests and think about their conservation, we need to bring back that charm of the forests. Here are some interesting ways of teaching forests.

Talking inclusion

“Special” or differently-abled people are as much a part of this world as are the able-bodied; it is time that they felt included and at home in a world that is now largely meant for “normal” people. As teachers we have to nurture an empathetic and sensitive generation by introducing small changes to our pedagogical approaches so that tomorrow we can create a truly inclusive and understanding world.

The perfect ‘harmony’

Ullas Ponnadi
In this last article in the series on Artificial intelligence and music the author dwells on the human element in music and whether AI, however advanced can recreate that magic.

Essence is One

Devika Nadig
In the city of the Nizams, amidst the pearls and the perfumes, the author discovers both Shiva and Allah and learns the essence of life. An account of a trip to Hyderabad.