A spinner of tales

Devika Nadig
After a long and arduous year of training young graduates in the nuances of action research and mentoring them to become good teachers, the author travels from Dehradun to Rishikesh and Haridwar for a wonderfully sublime experiencebefore turning the trip into quite a memorable one by planning and meeting her favourite author, Ruskin Bond.

Having those difficult conversations

Parveen Shaikh
We don’t talk about death with children, often because it is awkward and to protect them from the unpleasant things in life. However, by not talking about it either at home or in school, we are making it difficult for them to process death. So are you ready to remove the taboo surrounding death and help children accept life’s reality?

Why we need to implement project-based learning

Narendra D Deshmukh, Sandhya A Thakur, Vinita Shrouty, Nivedita Deshmukh
NEP 2020 proposes child centric learning as the way forward and a good way to make this possible is to start implementing project based learning or PBL. Besides being learner centric, the advantages of PBL are many — it promotes collaboration, problem-solving skills, interpersonal communication and creativity among many other things.

The storyteller teacher

Anil Kumar Patnaik
Stories are for eternity and we know this because while we may not remember who Galileo is or what the formula for finding the perimeter of a triangle is, we will most certainly remember the stories we heard in our childhood. That is why stories are a wonderful medium to transact teaching and learning. Here’s how a story of two seas helped this teacher impart an important life lesson beautifully to his students.

What is my role as a teacher?

Ranjeeta Prajapati
As teachers is it our job only to teach our students the syllabus? A small and seemingly insignificant incident gave this teacher the answer to the above question.

The ‘little’ lessons of life

Latha Vydianathan
Little kids, very often, can surprise us. While they may be dependent on us for many things, they are also capable of teaching us a thing or two.

Making friends at the library

Chintan Girish Modi
The book under review is a tribute to the institution of the public library, which offers a space, a service and a sanctuary. It provides human connection to the misfits and the marginalized, and to readers eager to discuss the books that they adore.

Math can be fun!

Sadaf Sayed
When you introduce math to children through interesting and fun facts, children will find it easier to like the subject

Learning through reflections, working from strength

Varun Gupta
Reflections are a wonderful way for teachers to learn and grow in their profession. As they observe their students in different situations and their own interaction with their students, teachers become better at what they do.