Braver, stronger, wiser

Sudeeksha Y
A good school lays a strong foundation. Sudheeksha’s journey through her school turned her from a nieve child into a confident young woman.

Making the best use of time

Trisha Yachamaneni
We are not living in the best of times today and yet every cloud has a silver lining. COVID has turned the world upside down, but like Trisha discovered it has given us the time to learn about ourselves and find new meanings in life.

Getting ready for every day

Aanya Pande
Getting ready for online school is not the same as getting ready for physical school. Aanya follows a new routine now. What about you?

The day that made me smile

Anjali Nanduri
Do you have a memorable day? A day that you would like to cherish forever? Here is an account of Anjali’s memorable day.

Every ending is a new beginning

Dilsha Chebolu
New school, new friends, new experiences. Dilsha’s year started with a bang but ended abruptly due to COVID-19.

Once an educator, always an …a learner!

Ankita Rajasekharan
Does your learning journey end when you become an educator? Are you truly an educator when you stop learning to start teaching? Who really is an educator? Ankita reflects.

To stop, please start

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur
It is time that we let go of the image of an authoritative teacher or the teacher as we once knew her. Aditi and Ratnesh Mathur tell us about 10 things that we must start to truly become teachers in this age.

Origin Stories

Usha Raman The education landscape as we know it today has been shaped over the years by diverse forces — individuals, movements, ideas and institutions. How familiar are we with some of these? The Gandhian idea of education was as Read More …

Seven wonders: Seven essential good practices for early years educators

Jessica Manglani
The early years of every child’s life are the most important years for they lay the foundation of the kind of person this child will turn into. As a result early years educators have the toughest job there is. Here are a few things that early years educators must keep in mind.