Chemistry out of the box

P.S. Kandagal
Having a science lab is an expensive proposition for most schools in India even today. But science is best learnt through observation, inquiry and experimentation. This is why micro-scale chemistry should be employed by more schools so that their students can carry out chemical experiments to learn better.

Do you have the time for this?

Ankita Rajasekharan
Time is a mystery. Time is fascinating. Time is experienced differently by each of us. It is important not just for us humans but also for all other living organisms. Let us try and understand, to a little extant, what time is and how it impacts our lives.

Building teacher capacity

Roshni Mirani
Indian teachers carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. They are expected to perform miracles but are provided little or no support to do so. Gaurav Singh founded 321 Education Foundation to fill this vacuum and help teachers enhance their abilities so that they can fulfill their responsibilities successfully.

“I am like this only” vs “I would like to be like that”

Prakash Iyer
Is one born with a certain type of character? Are we stuck with what we believe is our character? Do we have any say in shaping our characters? As teachers we have to help our students, especially the struggling ones, believe that they can break free of a fixed mindset so as to be able to learn better.

The A to Z of creative writing

Cheryl Rao
Creative writing classes are a challenge for both the teacher and the student. We provide you with steps from A to Z to make your creative writing classes a little more easy and a lot more fun.

Mangroves: a national wealth

Geetha Iyer
Mangrove forests are a national wealth. They protect coastal areas from natural disasters, provide food for their inhabitants, are home to a variety of wildlife, provide a safe breeding ground for many species of fish, sustain livelihoods and are now also a popular tourist destination. When this rich and vibrant habitat gives us so much, the least we can do is to protect and conserve it.

Asking better questions makes for better answers

Neeraja Raghavan
Questions are a powerful tool in the business of learning. The spirit of inquiry is something we seek to instill in our students but as teachers how are we using this tool? How can we use the art of questioning to teach better?

Teachers as unsung heroes

Chintan Girish Modi
Our public education system is always in the news for all the wrong reasons, so much so that most of us have stopped believing in it. By highlighting the hard work and passion of many government school teachers Ordinary People, Extraordinary Teachers tells us that not all hope is lost.

Paying heed to the child’s needs

Nisha Butoliya
Mistakes are always frowned upon in our country. Children are afraid of making mistakes. Teachers are afraid of trying something new. Everybody wants to be right all the time. But mistakes are opportunities for both the teacher and the student to learn. The Reflective Learner presents the cases of four teachers who transform their struggling students into reflective learners and think deeply about their own pedagogy in the process.


Smriti Sinha
That something can be more beautiful and have more meaning when it crumbles or breaks is something we learn about when we see the dandelion. A poem to pay tribute to this beautiful flower.