Triggering creative expression

Arundhati Dolas, Adithi Muralidhar and Sugra Chunawala
Creativity is studied in several disciplines such as the arts, sciences, and language. In the context of language learning, creativity is associated with meaning making, imagination, self-expression, and recreation. This article discusses two activities designed to spark creative expression among primary school students.

Word problems – from foe to friend

Anjana A.R.
What is the role of language in a math class? Most children may not have any difficulty when it comes to numbers, but they begin to falter when trying to understand the words in a problem. The math teacher needs to ensure that children not only understand numbers but also the words. A math teacher thus becomes an English or language teacher to some extent. Here are some techniques to help children understand ‘word’ problems.

Understanding diverse contexts

Usha Raman
How can children be exposed to diverse contexts so that they can understand the complexity of the world — people, places and culture? How can they understand that politics shapes our world just as much as science, technology and economics? For this the classroom can be a safe space to know and accept the different ways of being. Inside the class, they have the opportunity to ask questions freely and also have a teacher to explain what it all means.

Like a tree in the forest

Anandhi Abhi
How do teachers work as a team at different levels —- within the classroom and outside or even through the life cycle of the children? When a group of teachers works pedagogically, the real learning for students lies in the nature and quality of relationships among the teachers themselves. Children learn more from observation and can see if teachers are truly coming together to serve a larger interest or otherwise. Our Cover Story this month seeks to explore how well teachers are teaming up for the sake of students.

Carrying meaning through language

Prakash Iyer
Is experience essential for children to learn concepts or trigger fresh ideas? Can teachers create appropriate experiences that can act as stimuli for children? How does language contribute to this process? This interesting article tackles this topic in the form of a fictional conversation between two teachers.

Taking a path less travelled

Mohit K. Sharma and Gaurav Sikka
In order to implement a progressive approach in today’s teaching-learning milieu, the shackle of a traditional and mundane teaching approach needs to be broken. This can be done by including adventure learning or explorative learning. This article focuses on a trip to Milam Glacier in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

Support and strength in networks

Ardra Balachandran It marks a big step in your growth when you realize that other people can help you do a better job than you could do alone, said Andrew Carnegie, founder of Carnegie Mellon University and a renowned philanthropist. Read More …