Mending walls – inside and out

Nivedita Bedadur
Teaching is not all about physical preparation of the teaching learning material or activities. It is about being engaged with the minds of the children around you, their contexts and their concerns. A teacher recounts how her learning journey began and how she began to value children’s contexts.

Can miracles be planned?

Sukanya Muraleedharan
Most teachers agree that a lesson plan has to be made before they go into a class. But when a carefully thought out plan falls flat, is it time to rejoice and see a miracle unfold or is it something to regret? Here is an amazing write-up of how a teacher’s experience turned out to be magical because the students were able to see the meaning of what they were doing and it was fun too.

Berries, branches and brainwaves

Geetha Nadarajan
Can you learn physics from Nature? And Newton’s Law? A teacher explains how she got her students to understand a heavy subject by seeking nature’s help.

Making the most of a messy moment

Radhika Chaturvedi
A lesson that started with an experiment on energy, current and electricity ended with a debate on the merits and demerits of nuclear energy. It also gave voice to students whose lives are not often spoken about in classrooms in public schools.

Integrated lessons

Manjula Rao
How does one teach English to rural children especially those who have never heard a sentence of spoken English outside their classrooms? Using art, science, story-telling and drama, the integrated lesson turned out to be an enjoyable one in collaboration. Read on to know more.

Before the numbers

Urvashi Nangia
How can teachers and parents create a stimulating environment where children can explore, experience and in the process learn things, without stress, without burden and expectation? In this article, the author shares some of her experiences of how the combination of storybooks and play, led her two-year-old into some pre-numeracy concepts.

Taking on the Telugu challenge

Ratna Singamsetty
From showing absolute disinterest to learn Telugu to performing skits in the language, it was the children who helped the teacher turn around her Telugu classes. In this instance it was the teacher who learnt some amazing things from the children.

Teaching from the heart

Maneesha Sarda
English literature can best be explained to students through examples from their personal space. Whether it is the complexity of Gogol’s identity crisis or Heideggar’s concept of ‘Truth’, the process of teaching and learning becomes enriching if the ‘academic’ is made ‘personal’ through contextualization.