Adding depth and relevance to EVS

Tara Hariharan
It is when you are able to link what you learn inside a classroom with what lies outside that learning is complete. No matter how often you talk about conservation and preservation of the environment, it is only when you take your students out into the field that they actually realize the import of your lectures.

Shining a light within

Ankita Rajasekharan
What does travel mean to you? A break from the routine? A time to relax? Rejuvenate? Travel can mean a lot more. It can help you discover yourself and teach you the essence of life.

Gaining respect for cultural difference

Saif Omar and Faiza Khan
There is a lot that you learn while travelling. Not only do you learn about the history and geography of a place but you also learn about and gain respect for another culture, people and the environment. You learn to accept your responsibility towards preserving and maintaining nature’s balance.

The world as our laboratory

Nadja Bester
What is the best way to learn about the world around you? By living it every day. We bring you a mother’s learning journey with her son, as they travel the world and experience and imbibe what it has to offer.

The travelling teacher

Gita Krenek
The more experiences you gain, the more you grow. Both as a person and in your profession. The author shares with her readers how her experiences of teaching in different parts of the world helped her progress as a teacher.

Some things don’t change

Shreya Prabhu Jindal
What is it like if you are a teacher on the move? How different are your experiences from those of a teacher that teaches the same set of students in the same classroom? According to the author, while you see new students in new settings, a teacher constantly on the move has experiences very similar to any other teacher.

How to teach like a traveller

Thomas Kenning
As a teacher, your job is to bring the world to your children, give them experiences beyond their textbooks. So don’t let the walls of your classroom confine you or your daily routine limit you. Whenever you can, take the time to travel and teach your children what you learn.

Looking through different lenses

Kate Ehrlich
What is the best way to teach students? When given the opportunity, this teacher travelled to China to find out. While she didn’t get an answer to her question, the trip helped her reflect on her own teaching methods and understand where and how she could improve them.

Arirang, Arirang

Heather Brougham-Cook
One of the best ways to grow professionally is to observe how someone else handles situations similar to yours. When she got the opportunity, this teacher from the US travelled to South Korea not just to learn about that country but also to visit schools there and to observe Korean classrooms and teachers.

Learning by heart

Matthew Baganz
On a trip to Rundu in Africa, these teachers and students while carrying out their social responsibilities came away with a fresh outlook on life and an appreciation for the things that life has given them.