Ideal textbook material

Stella Pauline Punitha
Katie Bagli’s book ‘Habitat and their denizens’ takes just a few hours to finish reading and also gives comprehensive knowledge about animal life. It is ideal for young readers who wish to know more about different types of habitats. A bonus is the colouring section

A slip between the cup and the lip…

S. Mundayoor
This is an interesting narrative about what happened when a group of children from Arunachal Pradesh went to meet the late President, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.

The first ‘R’

Gita Nambiar
This article is a wake-up call to all English teachers to try and improve the English reading skills of their students. The inability to read English affects the scholastic ability in other subjects as well, especially math. The author suggests a few ways in which teachers can take extra care to help their wards pick up the language easily.

Taking workshop lessons into the classroom

Ravinarayan Chakrakodi
A workshop for government school teachers on teaching English met with a huge response according to a survey. Apparently the training seems to have developed the teachers’ fluency in English to a great deal and they learnt to use additional TLM like charts, cards and pictures.

Good garbage

Tim Hibsman
Here is a wonderful example of how learning can be fun, interactive and can also be turned into a game or a challenge.

Of skills, learning, intelligences and … the marketplace

G. Gautama
Why do we value only that which is measurable and devalue things that cannot be measured? Math, science and computers are valued because they can be measured in terms of their gains to the establishment while the other subjects are not. Schools are places of learning and an approach where the difficult- to- measure attributes are given due attention will make for a more sensitive and humane society. Our Cover theme this month explores the science versus the arts narrative.

Unweaving the rainbow

Yasmin Jayathirtha The school that I am a part of was recently visited by an education official. He looked in on the classes, appreciated the exploratory lessons and the library. Afterwards, talking about the school, he said, “This is all Read More …

Debunking the math myth

Pooja Keshavan Singh Mathematics is the most ‘difficult’ subject known to some individuals and yet it is the most ‘creative’ and ‘beautiful’ for a few. Some of us have also suffered from math anxiety where a confrontation with numbers is Read More …

Why the Arts are hard to learn

Shravan Kumar Pendyala Visual arts, music, dance and aesthetic studies have been part of our lives supporting its very existence by developing our perceptive abilities. Since prehistoric times to contemporaneity we learnt to perceive “life” through these art forms. Further, Read More …

Balancing the training equation

Usha Raman
Most training programmes are not popular with the teachers either because they are disinterested or the programmes do not offer true enrichment to the participants. In such a scenario, what can be done to add more value to the workshops and how can they be made more popular?