Learning the e-way

Aditi Chandrasekar
How does online teaching compare with teaching face to face? Does one score over the other and are students satisfied with learning online? This is an article where the author has been on both sides of the fence, and is able to clearly explain the pluses and the minuses.

When sharing leads to learning

Preeti Chadha Sadh
How second graders in a language classroom learnt to write a poem based on their experiences is what this article is all about.

The English teacher of Pilang

Shree Singh Kuriyal
This is an amazing story of a Government school teacher from Uttarkashi district who fought against all odds to teach English to his students at the Pilang primary school. From creating a child- friendly environment to contextualising lessons, from using word webs and stories, rhymes and songs, he did it all and managed to achieve a feat hitherto unknown in that school. Read all about this passionate English teacher.

Rethinking the school assembly

Vikash Sharma
School assemblies are a daily ritual in most schools. The process is mechanical and does not involve any meaningful engagement either by the teachers or the children. Are assemblies then just an example of hierarchy and authority that is exercised everyday to instill discipline? How do children respond when they are given the liberty to do as they please? Here are some insights.

Different strokes

Arun Elassery
The Indus World Schools are spread across the country but a special mention must be made about the one at Indore , where an initiative by a former IIT scholar changed the whole approach to running a large organisation and teaching as well. Read all about it here.

The smart phone and all that

Brendan MacCarthaigh
The smart phone is here to stay, and there is no denying the fact that it is tremendously useful. But, it is time educators stopped to think about the negative impact of this ‘brilliant monster’.The author lists out ways in which the use of this instrument can be curtailed

Librarianship for our times

Seema Sohal
Here is a first person account of how a librarian went beyond her routine work and brought about a mini revolution in her line of work. From engaging her students in reading projects, organizing book fairs, author visits, workshops to inculcating reading habits, she has done it all. Read up on her experiences.

Teaching the teacher?

Sheela Ramakrishnan
Every professional needs to be a continuous learner if he or she has to cope with the dynamism prevalent in the world today . Teachers too need to keep themselves updated about new developments in the field, new materials and changes in the curriculum. Today’s educator needs to enable students who can learn to learn. In this milieu, therefore, it has become absolutely essential for professional update sessions to happen in every school. This issue of the magazine explores the concept of continuing education through the framework of in- service workshops. Do workshops really work? How can schools invest time and the will to train their teachers? How can resource persons deliver what is most required? Here are a range of perspectives that can offer some solutions.

Teacher training: a multi-headed hydra?

Vidushi Chaudhry It is an open secret that the B.Ed qualification is a broken system. Touted to prepare our teachers to teach in our vast and diverse land, this one-size-fits-all formula has failed and failed unequivocally. B.Ed programs have not Read More …