Full attention, please!

Manaswini Sridhar

We teach children a lot of things in school, but are we ignoring a basic life skill that they must develop? The use of body language. Here’s how we can teach children to speak with their bodies when we do role playing exercises with them.

My Nordic lessons

Anju Dhawan

We have heard a lot about the success of the Finnish education system. Here is a first hand account of why Finland is so successful with their educational institutions.

Sources and signs of stress

Jean Ireland

Are exams the only thing that bother young adults? What are the different sources and signs of stress among our adolescents? What can we as teachers and parents do to help them?

Imagining a new world

Nimesh Ved

Talon the Falcon by Deepak Dalal is children’s fiction, but let us not dismiss it as a book that is of not much use to us as teachers. This review shares with readers specific ideas of how the book can be used as a teaching aid in the classroom.

An invitation to read

Heera Nawaz

Libraries are no longer simply storehouses for books. Librarians everywhere are taking that extra step to make reading a habit among their users. See how this librarian got students from her school excited to read.

Deepening conceptual understanding

Neeraja Raghavan

As teachers, surely we have all encountered many misconceptions that children hold. In this brief report of a research paper, the author talks of how teachers can go about first learning the misconceptions that children have and then prompting them to unlearn these and setting them on the right path of knowledge.

The art of separation

Yasmin Jayathirtha

We know that a lot of things around us are present in the form of mixtures. Mixtures of two liquids, a liquid and a solid, two solids, etc. What lessons can we learn by separating a mixture? What are the different ways we can separate different mixtures?

Riding to school

Neerja Singh

A school’s ability to provide transport to its students has already become one of the main considerations for parents when choosing a school for their children. What involves a school transport system? How do schools build and manage efficient transport? What measures do they take to ensure the safety of their students? Teacher Plus takes a look at this very important link in the chain of education.

Sharing the trip, sharing our lives

Ardra Balachandran

In this age when schools are, on an average, 10 kms away from their homes, children end up spending a minimum of half an hour if not more commuting to and from school. What are the different ways that children travel to school in? How do they spend their time during the travel? Would they like to use another mode of transport from their existing ones? The answers of the children we spoke to makes for a delightful read.

From ‘smart’ classes to ‘smart’ buses

Shruti Singhal

Whenever there has been a talk about technology and education, most of us have not looked at technology beyond the classroom. There is however another area where technology is equally flourishing–the school transport system. The use of GPS, sending parents timely alerts, cctv cameras are all now part of every school transport service.