Teachers of a different kind

Lakshmi Karunakaran

A dog is man’s best friend, but can it also become his teacher? Schools in Germany are finding out how much dogs can teach children in terms of responsibility, coordination, concern and care giving by having school dogs. While Indian schools are yet to adopt dogs, we are slowly warming up to the idea of therapy dogs to work with the differently-abled children in schools.

Pythagoras and his theorem

Monica Kochar

Pythagoras is most popular for the Pythagorean theorem. But this great mathematician has contributed a lot more to the field of mathematics than just prove and popularize a theorem that is not even his!

Sharing the ‘roots’ of knowledge

Mohammad Zafar

A school in the remote hilly regions of Uttarakhand. A microscope. A bunch of enthusiastic children and the author with a few ideas to popularize science.

For a brighter tomorrow

Ankita Rajasekharan

Dr. Siva Kumari is the first Indian and the first woman to hold the post of the Director General of the International Baccalaureate. Teacher Plus caught up with her on a recent visit to India. Excerpts from an interview.

Draw the world to know the world

Jinan K B

Drawing is something that comes naturally to every child. Whether good or bad, it is the way the child learns to observe and express himself. Instead of allowing children the freedom and encouraging them to continue to explore the world through their drawings, we push children to learn to write even before they are ready for it thereby undoing all the progress that the child has made in the process of growing up.

Lessons from a comic frame

Deepali Sagar Bajaj

If comics can be used to teach English language then why not use it to teach other subjects as well. Here’s how you can create your own comics to teach topics in history.

A tangle of problems – and hazy solutions

Ananya Pathak

Files, files and more files. There is no dearth of information on all the problems engulfing the Indian education system. But are we doing anything to find proper solutions to these problems other than to generate more files?

Seeding discovery

Yasmin Jayathirtha

The process of discovery is always exciting. Encourage your students to ask more questions and experiment more to find the answers. The author encourages you to carry out your own experiments as she explains how she experimented to find out how fats are digested.

Learning from the physic-al world

Surekha Nayani

The wonderful world of physics brought alive through a story. Why do we stop experimenting with our teaching styles as we move higher up the school ladder? Of course older children too enjoy listening to stories. They too will learn better when taught using stories.

Seven habits I never realized I had picked up in school

Venkataraman Ramachandran

Do we realize how much a school shapes us? Without our knowledge the school becomes so much a part of us that we never manage to take the school out of us even years after we have left it behind.