What’s best for the child?

Vivek Sunder
A teacher is constantly in a dilemma trying to find out what is really good for the child and then actually working on it. But in all this, he/she also faces the conflict of trying to please the school management and the parents . So where does that leave the child?

When girls play ball and don’t score!

Geetha Durairajan
The scoring keys provided by Boards of Education are not prescriptive and should be seen only as guidelines for teachers in any language testing situation. If a teacher follows only the prescriptive keys, then a student’s creative process is sure to take a beating. In this article, the author urges teachers to change their mindsets and allow the student to come up with his or her own perspective.

A school run by teachers

Arun Elassery

The Centre for Learning, Bengaluru, is a place where long lasting bonds are formed. Run by teachers,the school has no principal or management, and everything that is needed for the school goes through consensus. This gentle and effective learning space is so unique that its website says ‘We also do academics’.

Creating a voice beyond appropriation

Lakshmi Karunakaran
In this edition of TLM, Amandeep Sandhu shares his journey towards becoming a writer and why he felt the need to write and to discover his voice.

The pros and cons of outsourced testing

Garima Bansal
The introduction of CCE has compelled teachers to assess students’ learning levels continuously, provide timely feedback and remediation. This has increased the workload of teachers leading to stress and overwork. In this scenario, the notion of outsourcing assessment by schools to external bodies has gained ground. What are the pros and cons of this kind of outsourced testing? Is it a convenient tool to assess students’ learning levels comprehensively? Are all schools able to invest in technology and human resources? Finally, what are the positive effects for the teaching- learning process?

Grading as a number-crunching game

Mounik Shankar Lahiri “There can be infinite uses of the computer and of new age technology, but if teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails.” – Nancy Kassebaum The Read More …

Linking learning with assessment: concerns and prospects

Ritesh Khunyakari The wide coverage of students’ achievements in news media, advertisements, and reports after the board exams underscores the significance that society attributes to one-time performance. Appearing for an exam, visits to classrooms or schools, meetings in institutions give Read More …

How do we assess art?

Shravan Kumar Pendyala How do we assess art? This is a common and difficult situation for every person concerned about art education, whether they are educationists, curriculum designers, or practicing teachers. The art teacher is a ‘constant’ between the art Read More …