Cracking that code!

Usha Raman

What is ‘codes’ doing in Teacher Plus when one usually associates this word with mysteries and thrillers? Actually there is a lot one can learn from this exciting topic–history, language, science, and even mathematics. Would you like to know how?

‘Group’ing history

Prabha Naresh

Lots of teachers in lots of places are sure to have asked this question, “How do I teach history to my students?” History is often thought of as a subject that is boring to teach and learn when in fact it is a subject that has a lot of lessons to offer us today. Here is an idea to make history interesting’ an idea that this teacher has tried successfully with her class.

Massive learning opportunities

Kavita Krishna

Massive Open Online Courses have made it possible for teachers and students living several countries apart to meet and learn from each other not one but a variety of different subjects and topics. A teacher writes about how MOOCs have helped her grow professionally.

Answering a felt need

Urban D’souza

The English language is ubiquitous in India and yet we can’t claim native fluency in it. For those of us who want to learn or want a resource to teach how to speak and listen in this foreign language, Let Us Hear Them Speak is the book we are looking for.

The art of being a SciTeller

Mahak Katyal

By now most of us agree that stories are a good way of drawing the attention of a child and engaging him. But how exactly does one use these stories, say in a science class? What will the lesson plan be?

The four crucial “Cs”

What is education? A question like this will have several answers, most of them focusing on the theoretical definition of the word. But in looking at education purely in terms of theory are we losing sight of what education means in practice?

Anchors away! The travel imperative

Sharmila Govande The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky – Margaret McMillan A young preteen couldn’t contain her excitement. While she enthusiastically told me about her trip, what caught my attention was the overall Read More …

Tour logic and logistics

Mehak Siddiqui Be it training underwater like an astronaut or debating with the élan of a UN diplomat, learning the German language in Switzerland, or operating a rover on simulated Mars terrain, there is arguably no professional experience that is Read More …