The backstory of balancing equations

Yasmin Jayathirtha

Teachers find that they struggle to teach balancing equations to children with the result that students find chemistry classes very difficult to follow. So, how can the concepts be made clear first before the equations are understood?

The Parikrma magic

Arun Elassery

Parikrma is a successful experiment in school education. The Parikrma group of schools are located in poor neighbourhoods and serve children from the slums of Bangalore. The facilities available to the children make them good at sports and academics.

Colour me red

Richa Gupta
How can colour be harnessed to improve learning? Here are a few tips on adding colour to your classroom environment to up the learning quotient.

Taking the challenge

Vijay A. Singh
Competitive events related to academics such as the Olympiads in math and science celebrate the best young minds in high school. They are an excellent educational resource and need to be used wisely. School managements and teachers must realise that they offer a glorious opportunity for students to be exposed to the beauty that lies in the subjects especially mathematics. Our Cover theme gives an overview of the Olympiads and how teachers can nurture their students to participate in these events.

A platform for problem-solving

Shailesh Shirali Mathematical Olympiads have been taking place in the country for some decades now, and it is relevant to examine the significance they hold for the country in a wider sense. Mathematical Olympiads originated in the east European countries. Read More …

A fateful day and an odd proof

Swati Sircar It all began on a historic day for India – Dec 6, 1992. For the country it was the demolition of Babri Masjid; for me, it was the first time that I set foot into the Indian Statistical Read More …

An evolving culture

Pooja Sudhir The diplomatic sail of Model United Nations (MUN) conferences in schools began in the 1920s and reached India in 1996 when The Cathedral and John Connon School organized their very own MUN in Mumbai. Since then this stimulating Read More …

MUNning and other dress-up games

Achala Upendran A friend of mine was in town recently, and among the topics that came up in our profound discussions was that of the Model United Nations conventions. This wasn’t strange, given that much of our early interaction came Read More …

A preparation toolkit

Ramya Ramalingam The mathematical Olympiads aim to test the problem solving ability and ingenuity of students at the high school level (9th to 12th standard). The topics relevant to Olympiads include geometry (including some trigonometry), algebra (including inequalities), combinatorics, and Read More …