To be or not to be a performer teacher

Dev Pathak

A teacher is successful at her job if she is imaginative, creative, and innovative with her teaching ideas. So break those shackles that restrain you from performing at your job.

The physics of the everyday

Saroja Sreekanth

Physics has a lot of abstract concepts that need to be taught. Mechanics, for instance. A teacher of physics shares several fun ideas that will help you teach certain concepts in physics to your students without you having to fret too much.

Learning – and doing – in context

Cynthia D’Costa

Service learning or applying your knowledge to actual problems in the society is a new way of learning that some schools are experimenting with. Perhaps you too can make a small beginning?

Finding the magic in math

Pooja Keshavan Singh

A beautiful article on how a teacher turned around a student’s attitude toward math–a subject that the student wanted to give up on.

Make an impression

We all know how demanding, tiresome, and difficult a teacher’s job is. These tips by Manaswini Sridhar, teacher educator and language trainer, will hopefully help you through your teaching day. We all talk about it often enough, but forget to Read More …

Playing by the rules

Shamim Ujjainwala

Disciplining students is always a concern in schools. While we can’t go overboard with rules that are far too strict, we cannot just let matters of discipline be either. So how much is too much and how little is too little? Shamim Ujjainwala has found answers to most of her questions on discipline in the book Essential 55 by Ron Clark.

The commandments of teaching

M Shiva Kumari

If you have ever asked yourself how you should behave or conduct yourself as a teacher then Pius Alphonso’s The Art of Teaching is a book that you should lay your hands on.

The U turn: Dibs in search of self

Neerja Singh

Every book, every film, or every idea that a teacher comes across is a learning instrument for her. As part of its Teacher’s Day offering, Teacher Plus brings you a bouquet of resources that teachers have learnt from and recommend to fellow teachers. Neeraja Singh, former teacher and now a writer, talks about the impact that the book Dibs in search of self can have on teachers. Reading this book will help one understand what an enabling relationship between teachers and their students can help achieve. The book is a child therapy classic that sends out a strong message–never give up on any child.