The lived life of a school

Gurveen Kaur

How do different schools in India function today? What are children learning in these varied schools experiencing? What happens in a school apart from academic learning? It is these questions that the book, Ethnographies of Schooling in Contemporary India attempts to answer.

How can your garden grow?

Sadhana Ramchander

Gardening is an activity that has the potential to teach us a lot of things. Tending a Schoolyard Garden tells us how we can incorporate gardening into the everyday school curriculum along with its benefits. The book also comes with a CD that has many resources that can be of use for the teacher.

Taking stock of learning

Anjali Sharma

Evaluating learners is an important part of every teacher’s job. It is also the least explored part of a teacher’s job. Assessing Learners–A Pedagogic Resource by Geetha Durairajan is therefore a timely resource.

A small miracle: Charlotte’s web

Bubla Basu

What can you learn from watching a movie? Apparently lots. Here’s what 4 children learnt from watching the cartoon movie Charlotte’s Web. Definitely a wonderful teaching resource.

Of boundaries and bridges

Girija Uday Kumar

Life and learning cannot be separated. As teachers we have to show children how lessons in life help them learn. And movies are a good way to do that. This former teachers suggests two movies that have aided her in her endeavours–Dead Poets Society and Mona Lisa Smile.

Multiplex for teachers

Aditi Mathur and Ratnesh Mathur

The authors give a list of must watch movies for teachers. Movies that will reveal to them something about themselves and teach them something.

Order, order!

Subha Das Mollick

How do you look for teaching-learning moments in movies? The author explains here with two scenes from the movie, Sound of Music how a movie can be more than just entertainment.

The big story… of everything!

Adithi Muralidhar

Looking for a comprehensive resource to discuss the environment and sustainability? Adithi Muralidhar shares her experience of using the documentary, The Story of Stuff, with students.

Modelling learning from life

Shubhangi K Bhide

Human beings are a relatively new species compared to the several different animal species living on earth. Us humans therefore have a lot to learn from other species who co-habit the earth with us. How can we teach children to look at nature for solutions to our problems? The Biomimicry Education Network would be a good place to start.

Stimuli for stories

Cheryl Rao

Creative writing is an important element of the English curriculum. It is however not so easy to get the creative juices flowing out of our students’ pens. Yes they are all full of imagination but when it comes to writing their ideas down most children falter. Make creative learning fun with this story writing kit.